Get your very own Generation Floorball stick + ball for only $29. Floorball, is a safe type of floor hockey and is a great rec activity for individuals of all ages. All you need is a stick and a ball to get started and the activity can be played on virtually any surface including grass, driveways and basement floors. Not only is floorball fun, the lightweight equipment will help players enhance their stickhandling, agility, transition, hand/eye coordination and many other crucial development aspects. 

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- See Size Chart below. If you are unsure of which size to select or if you are in between two sizes, we recommend that you go one size up. The specified lengths (31"and 35" ) indicates the length of the shaft only. When selecting the desired length, keep in mind that you are a few inches shorter without skates on. 

31" = 38 inches in total stick length (shaft+blade). Comes with a blue blade.  

35" = 42 inches in total stick length (shaft+blade). Comes with a red blade. 

39" = 46 inches in total stick length (shaft+blade). Comes with a red blade. 


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Floorball serves as an excellent complement to ice hockey and is the ultimate off-ice training tool for hockey players. Floorball will help players improve their stickhandling, puck handling skills, agility, transition, hand/eye coordination, passing and much more. Everything you can do on the ice, you can do on your feet with a floorball stick. Besides skating obviously. There’s a reason as to why floorball is endorsed and encouraged by USA Hockey.  

The lightweight stick and plastic blade allows for play in most settings including basements, living rooms, backyards, driveways, basketball courts etc. Hockey players all across America, including numerous current and former NHL stars, use floorball as a part of their off-ice routine. The long list of current and former ice-hockey players who have played floorball as a supplement to their ice-hockey careers include names such as Henrik Lundquist (Rangers), Mats Sundin (Maple Leafs), the Sedin twins (Canucks), Gaborik (Kings), Zuccarello (Rangers) and many more.

As part of USA Hockey’s American Development Model, players are encouraged to play multiple sports. Using a floorball sticks off-ice will certainly help improve and develop the individual player’s hockey skills as well as his or her overall athleticism.  Guys and girls who play floorball are guaranteed to perform better on the ice, both as individual players and as a team.

Most importantly, players will absolutely love floorball!