Why America Needs Floorball

According to a major study from 2015, fewer American kids than ever before play sports on a regular basis. In fact, over 20% of all children in the United States are considered inactive. Why is this a current phenomenon?

Let us take a look at some of the major sports in the United States. (American) Football is a sport that has received a lot of attention on the youth side in the past couple of years. Every year, high school and college students die or become seriously injured on the football field. Although some cases are connected to other underlying illnesses, there is a significant amount of football players who get injured due to the extreme impacts on the body associated with the sport. The debate regarding head injuries from playing football is more inflamed than ever. The cost of equipping a youth football player will also, with ease, cost over $500.

Ice hockey is another sport that has received a lot of attention in the media. Although arguably a safer than football, ice hockey is not a sport for everyone. The equipment cost itself averages $600 per season. That does not include membership/ice fees and the thousands of dollars that travel team player and their parents have to pay each season in order to participate. Many parents are also concerned about the injury risk associated with ice hockey. Others are deterred by the skating aspect.

Lacrosse is a sport that has gained some traction among youths over the past years. The fact is that lacrosse is an expensive sport with the average youth equipment cost running at $550.

The cost of equipping a baseball player is almost $400. According to a survey based on results from 2008-2012, participation in Little Leauge Baseball plummeted with nearly 7% during those years. We are only speculating as to why baseball has become somewhat unpopular. One argument that is often heard is that baseball players don’t move enough, and that is a discouraging factor from a parental perspective.  

Why is floorball a better alternative? Floorball is a sport that promotes movement, inclusiveness, and is an affordable youth sports alternative. All players need in order to get started is a floorball stick and a ball. An intro-level floorball stick can run as low as $35. The sport does not take socioeconomic factor into consideration and is truly a sport that everyone can participate in, regardless of age, finances and physical ability.

With floorball, parents and players do not have to worry about severe injuries from body contact since floorball prohibits all contact other than limited shoulder to shoulder impacts. The “my child is not moving enough” argument also becomes obsolete while discussing floorball. The activity itself promotes constant movement where players must actively move in order to participate.

We don't envision floorball a sport that will replace other activities. Instead, floorball should serve as a great alternative. Join the movement of activating today’s youth through one of the most beneficial activities.