With the help from a few players from FC Helsingborg, Team Generation hit the town this past weekend and played floorball with the locals in areas such as Times Square and Central Park. The thought behind the initiative was to expose the local population to floorball, a sport many had never heard of. Armed with mini-goals, a dozen Generation Floorball sticks and a few balls, Team Generation engaged in some impromptu games across New York City in the 85° heat (29 Celcius). Dozens of onlookers, including some (in)famous Times Square characters such as the Naked Cowboy (x2) were eager to join the game.

“It was fantastic to see all of the bystanders literally lining up to join the game. This is exactly what we had hoped for,” said Daniel Palm of Team Generation.

How did the local officials react to the pop-up games through the city? Some NYPD officers nearby seemed quite amused by the game and were kind enough to collect the ball from us when it went out of bounds.

Generation Floorball plans to hit some more NYC spots throughout the summer where more people will get the opportunity to learn about floorball and its awesome benefits.