Floorball – Play Everywhere

This past weekend, Team Generation set up impromptu games across New York City where onlookers were invited to participate. The goal was to expose more individuals to the sport known as floorball. This type of outreach initiative highlights the flexible nature and format of the sport. The fact that floorball can be played virtually anywhere makes the activity inclusive and attractive to both children and adults.

With floorball, participants can play 5 on 5, 3 on 3 and almost every other player combinations. Oh and the best news is…floorball can be played on most surfaces both inside and outside.

One of the main reasons as to why floorball has become such a popular sport over the past decades is the fact that players truly have taken advantage of its flexible nature. One of the most common street games in Sweden and across Northern Europe is “street floorball,” where friends come together and play on the street/driveway. All players would need is a few affordable sticks and balls. Goals and goalies are optional. “Street floorball” is a very common phenomenon in the afterschool hours, evenings and during the weekends.

The small area pop-up games are excellent activities for friends, communities and other type of groups that want to partake in fun, fast, inclusive and adventurous games. The activity will also promote movement, a healthy lifestyle, enhancement of motor skills and many other positive traits. From a parental perspective, having the kids play floorball in the driveway can serve as another bonus since they are arguably better supervised than if they would go play other games in the park.

How to grow floorball in the United States? Encourage your children to hit the streets and invite their friends.