Photo Credit: USA Floorball

Meet Robert Oestreich, one of Generation Floorball’s Development Coaches. The 24 year old New York City resident will take part in the Men’s World Floorball Championships Qualifier in Colorado Springs, this upcoming weekend. Robert, whose father is American, grew up in Sweden but moved to the U.S several years ago to pursue his dream as a pastry chef in New York City. He now works for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the world-renowned art museum in the Big Apple.

How long have you played floorball?

-I’ve played floorball for about 13-14 years now. I started with ice hockey when I was five years old and then floorball when I was 8 or 9. My floorball career started in Frosta IBF and then I played in Eslövs Floorball Club in southern Sweden for a few years. I now play with New York City Floorball and Manhattan Kings.  

Robert, who is involved in Generation’s development and outreach activities has, firsthand, seen the floorball progress in New York City.

-There is a good turnout of players in New York. For adults, it’s still mostly Europeans who play. But the youth side is growing like crazy. More and more schools and other groups are really starting to pick up floorball and that’s always fun. We can really see a difference from what it was just a few years ago. I really think that the Olympics could be a game changer. If floorball becomes an Olympic sport then more people will notice the sport and its potential.

Photo Credit: USA Floorball

Is this your first time playing with the U.S National Team?

-I was actually supposed to play the World Championships in Gothenburg in 2014, but work and other commitments unfortunately got in the way. So this will be my first time playing with the team and I’m really excited.

Although Oestreich foremost wants the Team to succeed in Colorado, he has also set personal goals and expectations.

-The goal is obviously to win both games. But for me, it’s also about growing as a player and becoming a real component of the team. I hope to score at least one point…and hopefully a goal.

Any thoughts on the opponents, Canada and Jamaica?

-Canada could be quite dangerous so we better have our heads up and be ready. I don’t know too much about Jamaica, but it will be a fun game.

Don’t forget to follow Robert and the rest of the team’s qualifier journey this weekend.

Team USA will play Jamaica this Friday, February 12th at 7 p.m. MST. The United States will then follow with a match against Canada on Sunday, February 14th at 1 p.m. MST.

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