Floorball, sometimes known as Modern Floor Hockey is growing like crazy within school districts across America. "We see more and more schools showing an interest in floorball due to the great benefits," said Jonas Laeben, founder of Generation Floorball. The activity is safe, fun, beneficial, promotes movement, team-building and is an overall great activity. Floorball is a much better option than regular floor hockey, since floorball sticks are lightweight and better designed. This ensures that students of all ages can participate, stickhandle properly and work on crucial motor skills, while having fun. 

"Schools are now seeing the value in floorball as a PE activity, and the fact that the sticks won't damage your floor is also a bonus," said Laeben.

Although the activity has been around for decades, the sport is now getting traction in the United States. Daniel Palm of Generation Floorball explains that the activity has been relatively unheard of in the U.S, thus there has not been a lot of floorball buzz within the school districts. "In order for a movement to grow, you need someone to spearhead such movement and those actors are now in place."  Floorball 4 schools truly is a positive movement .

The activity is becoming popular all over the country. There are; however, certain states that are in the forefront. Texas, Wisconsin, California, New York and Colorado are some of the states where the sport perhaps has taken off faster than in other areas. The question is, why is floorball becoming a popular alternative to traditional PE activities? Physical Education teachers and administrators see floorball sticks as versatile tools that truly will have a positive impact on their students.  "I recently talked to a PE teacher in Brooklyn who said that he doesn't teach team activities to his students because they typically cannot handle it. Floorball changed his way of thinking," said Palm.